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Friday, March 9, 2012


Yep it's March finally. I've been a little MIA when it come to blogging because my laptop decided that it no longer wanted to be awesome. Little guy quick working on me. I'm lucky I have a great and wonderfully nerdy husband that has an amazing computer that I can use but I'm unlucky in that I don't know any passwords to anything including my blog. So I tried to change this password (everything was in German) and just became successful today...sigh. So now I get to show you some pretty cute pictures.

First is a maternity shoot that I'm pretty proud of. I never looked very cute while I was pregnant so when I get to photograph really cute pregnant girls I automatically think that they must have had some kind of wizard that made them look good...kidding....but seriously...

I've done a few other shoots since but they are all on my laptop :(

So here are some of the pictures from yesterday's newborn shoot. I loved it!

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