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Monday, February 13, 2012

100 Awesome People Later....

So I started this blog a few months ago when I got 300 people who liked my facebook page (bear with me, I'm gonna talk about facebook for a minute because I'm lame like that) and now I have 407. Facebook has actually played a huge part in why I'm approving and even getting the chance to do what I do. Of course I have word of mouth (which has really played the biggest part) but it all started with my page. It's helped me stay connected and it has helped me get my pictures out know in the world...hmm I'm rambling. Anyway. I'm pretty shocked that anywhere near 400 people can hear LynzMarie Photography and go, "Oh yeah, I've seen her pictures." That kinda blows my mind. And you know some are even bound to say, "Oh yeah, her pictures are pretty good." Come on that is pretty cool! Anyway this is kinda my thank you to all of those people!

Anyway, I thought I would also share that I've started my photography cert. from New York Institute of Photography. Whoa! Go me! I'm liking it so far and thank God I can go at my own pace. I'm very excited about it and have already learn some new stuff. I'll be sharing more on this later on. For now though I've been taking pictures like a crazy person for the past couple of days and now I have to edit like a crazy person.

 Here are some pictures....

 Tutu and head band by BabyBlushBoutique 

 Pictures for Cakes By Mila. So yummy!

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Lately I've not gotten a chance to show off my boudoir pictures. I have no bad feelings towards anyone who says that I can't share their pictures, I completely understand, but it does make it hard to show what I'm capable of. So I did a free shoot with hair and make-up so that I could use the pictures. I also wanted to come up with some creative boudoir ideas. I didn't get to use all of them but we plan on doing this again.

Anyway, these two girls did amazing! And my hair/make-up artist did so great making these girls look even more beautiful than they already are. So here you go:

This is the oh so pretty Azure*. I've actually done the ACU top a bunch of times since everyone I do pictures for are military wives but I haven't got to share any of them. 

And this is the very doll face Malorie. I did a "nerdy" session with her. I love themes! But I lacked books...I still think it turned out pretty cute. I like personal shoots. I want to find a wife with a XBOX obsessed husband (and let's face it, there are plenty of those) and do a cute XBOX themed session. 

I can't really take credit for this set up. Azure and Shamila thought this would be cute and they were right. 

I love the way the blue in her hair looks in this picture. 

Can I just brag about the fact that she's pregnant? Wow!

Stunning! Her eyes are so freaking pretty! I love big eyes. 

And now my favorites: 
I'm not a huge black and white fanatic (I mean I love it but I also really love color) but both of these just looked so much better in black and white. 

Elvgren once described his ideal model as having a fifteen-year-old-face on a 

I think that is the best way to describe Malorie's look. 
I love Gil Elvgren and even though this isn't a classic kind of pin-up this picture embodies a different era for me. 
Oh, and those are my shoes she has on. I've worn them once and I know they are killers! So she was a total trooper. 

My number one photographer that I LOVE (I don't think I can stress how much I love her) is Ellen Von Unwerth. I use to obsess over her Guess ads in Vogue when I was growing up. They were always sexy in such a cool way. But every picture she takes is just so amazing and perfect. 
So this is my Ellen Von Unwerth inspired picture. And Azure has that sexy but cool model kind of look to her. 

Thank  you so much to these women! I appreciate you letting me use these pictures. 

And a HUGE thank you to Shamila Mote! You did so great!

*This is a link to Azure's modeling facebook page: