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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ready for it!

Who's the worst blogger ever? This girl (....I'm pointing to myself). I've been busy and slightly unmotivated (to blog, not in general) and I have a million other excuses. But I've done a few really awesome shoots! So go me! I've also gotten approved for school, I start sometime in the next two weeks! I'm so excited to learn, I know. But really I want to learn anything and everything about photography so I can feel like a real photographer. And I'm also kinda a huge nerd and I love school. LAME, I know. Anyway here a few shoots I've done and some words about them...

I did some maternity pictures right after Christmas. It kinda made me miss being outside...I love doing maternity inside because it is intimate. But I also like to have some with the sun and pretty fields.... 

Awe toddlers. They hate pictures. But this little girl is so pretty. 

Parents are so much easier. They usually do what you tell them. I loved the bright colors they all wore. 

My kid of course...I'm doing Valentine's mini-sessions this year. I made him model for me. 

This is the face he made when I told him to be handsome. 

I modeled for myself also. I'm learning more about editing. I like it a lot for some reason. 

 This was my second time photographing this mother and daughter. They are so easy to take pictures of; not only are they super pretty but this little girl is so great in front of the camera. 

She could really model. 

I also did a couple of Valentine's pictures with her friend too. Aren't they cute?

I love baby smiles!

FINALLY! My first shoot outside in months. It was crazy cold but they were all troopers. I think this is my favorite shoot I've ever done. It was a homecoming at the train station with a vintage-y feel to it. I love doing pictures with a story. I think that is what I want to build my business on.

Her eyes!

Sister love ♥

Here comes the train. I was excited for them. 

I'm so glad I get to photograph these moments.

I also did a couple of boudoir shoots in between these but I can't put them up. I'm in the process of setting up a boudoir shoot with a whole bunch of different looks and themes that I can put up so stay tuned....I also did a great family's pictures but it's That's all for now.

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